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Light Brown Glass Pottery Wall Clock

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Paloma Pottery's inventive potters have redefined the wall clock. Their revolutionary design utilizes discarded or broken glass and recycles these into a melted, smooth to the touch finish. With colors ranging from warm earth to cool ocean and sunset golds, all personalities are sure to be delighted. The combination of textured clay and smooth glass finish yields a stunning piece for young and old.

Glass Pottery Wall Clock:
- 9" tall x 4.5" wide
- Quality quartz movement
- Hangs easily face up or down, whichever suits you

These vibrant clocks make a unique gift for all kinds of friends and family; a brother's wedding, a farewell party, a sister's birthday. Each clock has a one of a kind look and feel - adding inspiration and warmth to any room or office setting. Colorful, functional wall art for the home or office decor.