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Himalayan Lemongrass Salt Scrub

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Handcrafted with care. Designed for invigorating, refreshing and exfoliating the skin. Delightful Lemongrass scent. Comes in a 9 oz. unbreakable jar. Easy to use: Upon getting skin wet while bathing, place a small amount of Himalayan Salt Scrub into your hand and massage onto damp skin. The scrub will form an emulsified lotion as it mixes with water. Add more water as necessary to keep the scrub lotion like on your skin. Concentrate on rough areas, but do not be too aggressive.Rinse skin and pat dry. Please take care as any oil based product in tub or shower can make surfaces slippery.Your skin will feel restored, renewed and wonderful by regular use of our delightful Himalayan Salt Scrub.