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Takataka Collection Dancing Girl Earings

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These handmade novelty Dancing Girl Earrings feature a playful design made from recycled tin can and copper wire, accented with colorful Maasai beads.

Meet the artisans- Kisumu, Kenya has long been known for artisans who make products from "easily obtainable materials", a nice way of saying "trash". Takataka litterally means trash in Kiswahili. 

Whether it's their signature "dancing girls" from recycled wire from car engines and tin cans or "bicycles" from cooper and steel wire, the artisans present a whimsical view of Kenyan life. Fair trade and recycled, it just doesn't get any better. 

These unique products are made by two producer groups in Kisumu, Kenya, Creative alternatives and AfrikaPamoja.

Earrings hang approximately 1.5 inches. Recycled materials allow each set of earrings to be unique! Colors, designs and Maasai beads may vary.

Handmade Fair Trade

"Turning trash into treasure!"